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Research of the Earth Tides and GGP in China

Heping SUN
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science

Research of the Earth Tides and GGP in China

Heping Sun, Houze Hsu, Jianqiao Xu  

Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, ChineseAcademy of Science, Wuhan 430077, China



The recent research progress in Earth tides and global geodynamic project in China are summarized in this report. Base on the superconducting and spring gravimeters, a observation network of the Earth tides established by Chinese government is introduced. Some recent research works of the Earth’s tides and the Global Geodynamics Project are introduced, including (1) the present observation network of the Earth’s tides, (2) the study of the dynamics of the Earth’s liquid core, (3) the detection of the translational oscillation of the Earth’s solid inner core, (4) study of the Earth’s free oscillation during the large earthquakes and (5) the investigation of the viscosity at the core-mantle boundary. 

Scientific Topic: 
Geodynamics and the earthquake cycle (Kosuke Heki, Janusz Bogusz)
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