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Analyses of continuous time-varying gravity and barometric records of a sea-floor gravimeter in the North Sea

Severine Rosat, Jean-Paul Boy, Benjamin Escot, Jacques Hinderer
IPGS - EOST, Strasbourg
Oral presentation

There are very few available records of time-varying gravity on the sea-floor. Roughly one year of continuous data were recorded in the North Sea at a depth of about 300 m by a sea-water conditioned Scintrex gravimeter. Sea-bottom pressure changes were also recorded in parallel. From these data, we show a comparison of the noise level of the sea-floor gravimeter with respect to standard continental relative gravimeters. We also compare the analyzed gravity records with the predicted solid and oceanic tides as well as with the oceanic response to atmospheric pressure changes. The joint analysis of surface pressure and sea-floor gravity data enables to check the transfer function of the oceans and the validity of the classical static inverted-barometer response.

Scientific Topic: 
Tides and non tidal loading (Bruno Meurers, David Crossley)
Presentation date time: 
Monday, June 6, 2016 - 09:15 to 09:30