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PreAnalyseExtended: An graphical analysis program for the investigation of (geophysical) time series

André Gebauer
Oral presentation

Substantial data of different geophysical and geodetical measurement systems needs to be edit, analysed and combined with external sensor and models processed. In case of the ring laser 'G', an inertial rotational sensor at the Geodetical Observatory Wettzell, different corrections have to be applied. Therefore, are taken environmental influences recorded by external sensor as tiltmeters, barometric pressure and temperature sensors as well as model time series like solid Earth tides, loading effects or polar motion into accord. Commonly a comparison of different channels are necessary to determine and identify dependencies and effects. Especially, for geophysical application is developed the user-friendly display and analysis tool: PreAnalyseExtended. This interactive tool allows to screen and process up to 4 time series active simultaneously. The data processing is clearly arranged documented. Additionally, meta informations are provided for the individual sensors, like their type, unit and geographical coordinates. For the analysis can be used models or specific available tools. For the ring laser reaches models from prediction of daily polar motion, over tidal tilt to the Earth orientation parameters which can be applied on the observed time series. Tidal observation from tiltmeters, as gravimeter can be, practically at the push of a button, on the base of the tidal analysis package “ETERNA” analysed and subtracted from the data. Next to common statistical functions, the Fourier transformation and the Allan-deviation can be calculated quickly. These and more models and methods are existent in PreAnalyseExtended. Using the provided models time series can be simulated and predicted. The program is continuously under construction and can be extended as required.

Scientific Topic: 
Instrument and software developments (Thomas Jahr)
Presentation date time: 
Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 15:00 to 15:15