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What uses in today’s research for non-superconducting gravimeter observations in Earth Tides and geodynamics modeling?

Jean-Pierre Barriot (1), Bernard Ducarme (2)
(1) Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti, (2) Catholic University of Louvain
Oral presentation

Over the past 18 years, superconducting gravimeters have dominated the research on Earth Tides.
We examine in this communication the role of other instruments like water tubes, inclinometers, pendulums, etc.. in today’s research about Earth tides and geodynamical modeling, in order to extend the database of IGETS to these observations. We will also discuss, in this frame, generalized data formats for the Earth Tides community.

The Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti is managing one of the IGETS datacenters. Website:

Scientific Topic: 
Tides and non tidal loading (Bruno Meurers, David Crossley)
Presentation date time: 
Monday, June 6, 2016 - 09:00 to 09:15