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IGETS Analysis Centre Tahiti (ICET): Status of GGP data processing

Jean-Pierre Barriot (1), Bernard Ducarme (2), Youri Verschelle (1)
(1) Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti, (2) Catholic University of Louvain

GGP raw minute data (GGP-SG-MIN) are preprocessed and validated at the Tahiti analysis Centre (ICET), in order to provide reliable hourly data sets for tidal analysis.
In a first step, gaps and spikes in the monthly raw data files are corrected using the T-soft software. The corrected minute data (GGP-SG-CORMIN) are then uploaded on the Information System and Data Center (ISDC at with repair codes 12 or 22. The corrected minute data are decimated to one hour sampling and submitted to tidal analysis. The hourly data are also uploaded as one-year blocks (GGP-SG-HOUR, code h2) on the same site. We summarize the current status of our processing for all the GGP stations between 2011 and 2015. Please see the supplementary material attached to this abstract for more details.

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Tides and non tidal loading (Bruno Meurers, David Crossley)
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