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Installation and initial results from the iGrav-027 superconducting gravimeter at Borowa Gora Geodetic-Geophysical Observatory

Przemyslaw Dykowski, Jan Krynski, Marcin Sekowski
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

The gravimetric infrastructure of Borowa Gora Observatory including the A10-020 absolute gravimeter as well as 4 LaCoste&Romberg model G gravimeters (3 of them with automatic feedback systems) has been enhanced by the iGrav-027 superconducting gravimeter. The iGrav-027 gravimeter was delivered to the Observatory at the beginning of February 2016. Its installation and helium liquefaction began in mid February. Starting from early March the instrument is operational.

Presentation describes major aspects of the installation of the instrument, as well as results of initial analysis of the iGrav-027 records from first months of its operation. The iGrav-027 records have been compared with a 3 day simultaneous records with the A10-020 gravimeter, a few epochs of gravity determinations with the A10-020 at Borowa Gora as well as recordings from the LCR G1036 gravimeter which is used at Borowa Gora for tidal records since February 2012. Initial analysis also includes methods of determination of the scale factor for the iGrav-027 superconducting gravimeter.

Scientific Topic: 
Tides and non tidal loading (Bruno Meurers, David Crossley)
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