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Evaluation of water budget changes in a terrority of Poland

Jolanta Nastula (1), Monika Birylo (2), Rzepecka Zofia (2)
(1) Space Research Center Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw, (2) University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The groundwater level, as it is essential for a social development and resist, need to be monitor permanently. A water budged determination is a form of evaluation of water state in a tested area. A water budget computation is based on a assessment of evapotranspiration and state of land surface hydrosphere. A source of data for a groundwater state are both, geodynamics (like a GRACE model) and land hydrosphere (like GLDAS model) models . Both of them are analysed in the paper. The resultant water budget was also determined and presented graphically, moreover statistics and tests were performed.

Scientific Topic: 
Instrument and software developments (Thomas Jahr)
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